Last year, I completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour on my own. It was emotional and on very little training.  With more consistent effort, I was determined this time round to work hard and fulfil my goals.

My biggest challenge was going to be my own mind, an eternal fight that goes on between capability and the comparisons I make with others. I was also petrified of the predicted weather conditions and how that would affect my performance. I created a training programme for myself and stuck to it. 

Confident, I knew that I could improve on my previous time. The actual race felt great, and I aced the hard parts. I powered up Edinborough Drive and Smits Winkel and psychologically broke down Chappies and Suikerbossie. 

The weather played along for the most part, but it battered me in places and gave me a helping hand in others. After having stressed about the weather conditions beforehand, it didn’t really feature for me during. 

When I realized at Scarborough that I probably wouldn’t better my time, I pushed hard and gave it my all anyway. At 5km to go, I found a little more strength to push a little harder and powered my way from Camps Bay to Sea Point to inch my way to last years’ time. 

As I closed in on the finish line, I was shouting all sorts of F-Bombs, at the top of my voice, in the attempt to shut up the voice in my head.

What thoughts am I now left with?

I am a freaking strong and capable woman who can do whatever she sets her mind to!

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