Vera Retief, Sports Massage Therapist and Lyno Practitioner, joined Dirt Addict in 2022 when she met Anja.

Her biggest challenge has been her weight and fitness level and while she considers herself a shy person who prefers smaller groups of people, she has felt supported to work at it.

“Because of Dirt Addict, I met Sam Bell who has been a great help with changing my mindset with regards to nutrition and weight loss. Michelle and Anja have also challenged my comfort zones by encouraging me to speak in front of others. My proudest moment to date is when I gave a talk in front of the Dirt Addict group about body recovery.”

Vera’s favourite memory is finishing her very first 15km mountain bike event without any training.

“I nearly died, but chilling afterwards on the grass at the Dirt Addict tent with a beer and everyone sharing their ride experience and laughing made it worth it.”

The thing that Vera looks forward to each day, is living life and making every day better than the previous one, with no regrets.

“What I love about Dirt Addict is that all shapes and sizes are welcome, it is like one big family. And I obviously love everything they stand for.”

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