Her biggest challenge has been accepting support.

Having joined the Dirt Addict clan in January 2022, Valerie Eve finds joy in riding her bike with the community. While she is easily over stimulated and prefers smaller groups, she has learnt through cycling events like the Dirt Addict Rooibos MTB Getaway and MTB Challenge that she is able to compete, enjoy herself and support others.

“Achieving mileage on the bike has been an achievement. With being easily overstimulated I’ve learnt how to slow down, to relax and take in every moment.”

Val suffered a setback in her fitness after a major foot surgery and has had to manage her way back, slowly but surely. 

Her two biggest dreams are to complete the FNB Wines2Whales and cycle the world, of which she’ll be taking to the start line of W2W alongside Anja van der Colff in November this year. 

“I love riding my bike with the Dirt Addict ladies, and through showing more support to others, I’ve learnt that it’s not how fast you can complete a ride but how much you enjoyed the company and scenery.”

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