It is important to understand that you do not have to be an athlete to benefit from better recovery or body alignment. If you are office bound and sit in front of a PC, you probably need it more.

You would take your car in for regular services and check the wheel alignment to prevent unforeseen problems and breakdowns. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your body?

You live in it, daily, and it is the vehicle that takes you to where you need or want to go. So why then is it so difficult for us to not treat it the same? Life happens and our bodies take strain.

We more easily invest in the best gear, replace our running shoes and buy new gear for our bicycles. Those are just ad-ons, so why is it so difficult for us to give ourselves permission to invest in ourselves? Is it our body that really needs it most? 

Stressful work environments and unwavering expectations force us to take less breaks. We stretch less and our posture is in ever decline, which causes our bodies to lose it’s alignment, leading to chronic and recurring injuries and can often also lead to chronic illness.

What is Recovery?  

Recovery is to give back or recharge the body. Whether after a strenuous day at the office, or a tough workout, it is important to find a way to relax.

There are different things that we can do for recovery. Go for a Sports Massage, read a book, have an Epsom salt bath, but the most important part is to BREATH!  It is the one thing we stop doing when we are scared or stressed. We need oxygenated blood to assist us in healing our body.

Epsom Salt is also an essential part of recovery. After a workout or just a strenuous day, give yourself permission to take 15 minutes to soak in a warm bath. It will help to ease painful and tight muscles and help to detox your tired body. But what about the kids and school and cooking….. NO, if you really want to you will always find the time.

To repeat, you do not need to be an athlete to have a regular Sports Massage. 

Interesting Fact: For every 15 hours that you train you should have a Sports Massage. If you are office bound, you need one once a week.

We are made to move often. Sitting is bad for us. Realistically speaking, with the SA economy, it is difficult to afford regular massages but invest in yourself at least once a month. Your body will reward you for it.

Incorporating Sports Massage into your training program, is as essential and important as the correct nutrition, training and rest.  Sports Massage increases blood circulation, limits saw muscles the day after training which increases recovery time, improves performance and prevents injuries.

Experience has shown while working with a variety of athletes and non-athletes, and the ones who neglect the recovery phase often end up with injuries that turn into chronic issues.  

You train so hard, don’t let an injury knock you 10 steps back, if it could have been prevented.

Book your appointments ahead of time and create a non-negotiable habit of committing to your appointment. See will see the benefits.

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