Going for a ride, followed by a braai with friends, is one of Julie Schubart’s favourite ways to spend her day.

While she started out as a hockey player, in the last two to three years, she ventured towards running and more recently, mountain biking. 

She joined the Dirt Addict community through friends in 2021, finding a safe place to explore the trails without feeling overwhelmed. Nervous about her own mountain biking skills, she found her groove and confidence by regularly joining the weekly Thursday social mountain bike rides. 

“Work can be challenging at times and getting the right balance of both social and active time is important to me. If I can squeeze in some fun exercise with a “social hydration debrief” after then I feel happy!”

Having succumb to two knee injuries within a year of each other, it has been hard to keep positive, but she finds some sanity in the social activities. 

But, while Juls enjoys being social, she isn’t a fan of big groups, especially people she doesn’t know. What she as has found in Dirt Addict is smaller group interactions with regular faces.

“I just love having people to do fun outdoor activities with. I also enjoy the conversations and banter that comes with it.”

She loves to explore new places with familiar people, and especially enjoyed the Leatt Women’s Ride at Banhoek earlier this year. 

When asked what her biggest dream is, she responded with, “I hope to have a life I can look back on at smile at. One filled with fun times and great memories.”

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