Zania Steyn is a 38-year-old outdoor, dirt-lover who works on a farm on the outskirts of Durbanville and owns mulitple small businesses.

She was introduced to the Dirt Addict community by fellow Dirt Triber, Imelda van den Berg, in May-ish last year.

“What I love about Dirt Addict is that no woman, regardless of fitness or skill level, has to ever ride alone again!”

Zania has ADHD and has recently discovered that she is on the spectrum, so exercise is vital for her mental health. But being around people, noise and over-stimulating things impacts her tremendously so interacting with other people requires careful planning and management.

While she prefers to interact with smaller groups of people, she is passionate about anything sport related but mostly mountain biking.

Her dream is to ride every epic trail in the world – just one crazy bike holiday after another! And also “save all the animals in the world.”

We asked her why she joined the Dirt Addict Membership. “I joined for the free bike washes… The rest of the benefits are all bonuses.” She rides a lot, so that makes sense.

Her favourite Dirt Addict memory is doing her first race with the group at Rooibos2muisbos. “Being around people.. It drains me, but riding with like-minded people is amazing. It’s about what you’re doing, not about who you are, what you do or how well you can hold a conversation.”

This happy-go-lucky Member adds her Vibe to this Tribe with quirky comments and ever encouraging behaviour while out on a ride. You’ll often see her inspiring a weekend adventure or posing for an arbitrary picture. 

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