There was one goal. To get Rudy over the finish line and into the Amabubesi Club. [Riders that have finished the event three times are awarded membership of Amabubesi – the Absa Cape Epic Finisher Club. “Amabubesi” means “pride of lions” in Zulu, a fitting description for the tough breed of riders who tackle the Absa Cape Epic repeatedly.]

The first 5 stages trails were amazing.  Stage 2 was very special for us ‘the Boschies’. We rode through the farm where we got married 10 years ago.  The waterpoint was at our wedding venue at Beloftebos. It was a goosebump moment – it was the first time back in 10 years, and this time was by bike at the Cape Epic – our favourite thing to do together. Thank goodness there was no champagne at the waterpoint, we may not have finished the stage.

The Queen Stage of Tierkop & Groenlandberg threw a few challenges our way. Rudy had a tumble after hitting a rock camouflaged by mud. He dislocated his finger, which he was able to push back into place, and got a nasty cut above his eye. Saved by the trusty duct tape, we taped him up until he could get stitches at the end of the stage. We faced numerous tyre mechanicals and had to nurse Rudy’s bike home after the tech zones had run out of spares…… But we made it!

Stage 6 was carnage.

We’d never been on our bikes in that much water and mud before. The churned up singletrack and farmland was incomprehensible. Again, we made it.

The grand finale – what a breeze stage 7 was. And what fun the single track was too! Even though we started the stage with a bit of anxiety after the 2 previous, we were pleasantly surprised that we could ride our bikes all the way to the finish line.

Crossing the finish line at Val de Vie was nothing short of spectacular. Rudy received his Amabubesi medal, and we achieved our goal. What a moment!

The support was insanely overwhelming throughout. Photos and shout outs from friends and spectators every day was encouraging. The camaraderie between the riders was incredible, we all had one common goal – to finish. As for Team BishBashBosch – we completed our second Epic together and remain married. – Chantelle Bosch, Dirt Addict Member

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