Grab a group of like-minded women, put them in a room together, add a great cup of coffee and a slice of delicious cake and you have the recipe for a morning filled with laughs. 

The Dirt Addict Membership was introduced for various reasons which include discounts and get-togethers – things women love. 

But on a slightly serious note, the need to find our tribe is a real one. 

Creating a platform that not only brings women together and gives them a place to let their hair down but also educates and empowers them is our priority. 

The first official get-together for Dirt Addict members was held at a local café, Koffi Terapi in Willowbridge, a partner to Dirt Addict. 

Each member was given a complimentary cake (slice) voucher with their membership gift bag which was used as an opportunity to meet up. 

Here we discussed more the perks that were included in the Membership option, future events that the ladies were keen on attending, and any other suggestions for socials.

We also gave them a little sneak peek of upcoming merchandise.

Before we knew it, 2 glorious hours had flown by, leftover cake packed into takeaway boxes and goodbyes said, along with two lucky draw winners clutching their prizes in hand. 

Spending time with the girls should never be a chore, and this definitely wasn’t. 

See you at the next one. 

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