To finish any race is a great feat, but to cross the finish line of the Imbuko Big 5 MTB Challenge is something else.

“It was brutal! Harder than last year. The climbing was insane, and it was against a strong headwind from the start blocks.”

Chantelle Bosch was amongst the only 19 women to finish.

“The cliffhanger is incredible, but some of the switchbacks are unrideable. Proper technical.”

This event is said to be a great training ride for the Absa Cape Epic, which Chantelle and Rudy Bosch take on in a months’ time.

“A lot of people dropped out. They underestimated the time it would take to climb the Cliffhanger. But I finished, and I’m in one piece! 6hrs40min.”

She was nervous going into this race purely because of the climbing demands, but once again, she showed the grit and determination she has.

The Imbuko Big 5 MTB Challenge is a one-day mountain biking event that takes place each year at Imbuko Wines in Wellington. What makes it so challenging is the 3000m climbing in 80km of often, very technical terrain. 

Why would anyone attempt this seemly impossible race? Because that’s what makes it exciting and brings many riders back each year. If not for the ride, then definitely the wine. 

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