Every year starts off the same.

The previous New Year’s Resolution gets a revamped version of its new weight loss or fitness goal. The added intention of making it stick this time, again. The reality is life happens. We get sidetracked by work obligations, family holidays, birthday parties, and well everything else. 

The motivation wavers at the first sign of temptation or lack of progress and the negative self-talk does the rest. 

So how can we combat self-sabotage? The first answer is to find a group that will hold you accountable.

We are social beings. We look for encouragement from those who inspire us and it’s important that we surround ourselves with those who are actively doing the things we want to achieve, like complete Cape Town Cycle Tour, run a marathon, or loose the 10kg that have been stuck for the last 10 years.


Getting older comes with its challenges like becoming more stubborn. Let’s face it, we get a little more protective about how we spend our time, the older we get. We call it getting wise. 

There’s no point wasting time with energy vampires, so finding the right-fit community really is important. When you find your tribe, it’s like the world has more possibilities – like riding 50km for the first time because you started riding your bike regularly with the gals or you showed up for the social lunch and actually had a great time.

Your tribe will understand and accept you because your values align. They will look to support you because they know exactly how you feel and with that, you will find a sense of connection. 

Yes, we have a need to connect. Even the most introverted woman needs human companionship, encouragement, and love. No one can live in isolation – no matter how we try to convince ourselves of that. 


Learning any new skill can be exciting and terrifying. Where to even start?

While just about anything can be Googled, there is so much overwhelming information out there. A little direction from your trusted gal-pal can go a long way to saving a heap of money and hours of frustration. Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys spending hours researching bicycles or running shoes, when it could take a couple of moments to ask someone who knows better. 

In a club environment, there will be someone who already has the T-shirt and can share valuable knowledge about their own experiences or at least point you in the right direction, like to a trusted run store partner.

If anything, else, it’s another opportunity for a social get-together to problem solve and enjoy a good banter.

There are many more reasons to join a club, but it comes down to finding a tribe of people who share your interests, align on values and simply allow you to feel good about yourself. At the end of the day, it’s all about living a happy life. 

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