Our Dirt Addict Ride Tribe encourages all levels of cycling, whether you prefer to mountain bike or stick to the road. the idea is to understand the fitness and skill level of each woman who joins so that we can ensure that they join the correct social group and avoid feeling intimidated. We don’t have a set calendar of rides but instead offer a platform where everyone is welcome to create meetups. We use WhatsApp groups for this. 


Do you have a bicycle that has been hanging in the garage for years? Have you been wanting to start riding but afraid that you will hold people up? The beginner’s platform is aimed to get more women onto their bikes and keep them there. We do this by creating beginner’s specific ride, where we never leave anyone behind (no matter how slow.) Here women can find their confidence and progress at their own pace. Whether you own a mountain bike or road bike, we offer guidance and support on your journey. 


Our group rides are social, where tribe members are able to suggest where and when they would like to ride. This mean that anyone can arrange one. Many of the women who have joined the tribe have progressed fitness and skill which means we have a healthy intermediate group. We always try to provide guidance around the ride level when a ride is suggested to ensure that those joining understand what the ride will entail. We are here to look out for one another, help grow confidence and up skill where we can.


Pressed for time or worries about being out on the roads? We’ve seen the need and have experiences the same fears. Our Virtual Rides Club Connects women through Zwift, an indoor cycling platform, and works on the same principle as our group rides. Join the WhatsApp Group and suggest meetups. Connect with us to find out more. 


Team Dirt Addict is the women’s cycling team who compete at various road, mountain biking and gravel races. Based on dedication to the Dirt Addict vision, the individuals ability to positively contribute to the Tribee Vibe and show a competitive edge, individuals have been selected to represent the Team. They are examples of this wanting to continuously push themselves to better their own performances. More coming soon. 


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