Our values, to OUR VALUES. A gift to you.

The sunlight bounced through the window, finding every inch of the messy papers sprawled across the table. Even though it wasn’t the coldest winter’s day, the warmth was welcomed. Anja looked at me from across the table, deep in thought. I’d just asked what her personal values were. This was the first of many Dirt […]

The Original, the beginning

Looking back, after many hours of improved decision making, we’ve realized that the Glide 1.0 Cycling Jersey isn’t the sexiest of cycling tops. Yes, we admit it now, because we do know better (or we are definitely improving with each attempt). Our intention was to bring out an entry level kit that was affordable for […]

Our Story

Dirt Addict co-founder, Anja-Vone, brought to life the idea to service the two-wheeled, adrenalin seeking market that she works in. It proved to be a mammoth task while working full time – starting this new venture needed so much more attention than what she and co-founder Azèl could afford at the time.