Looking back, after many hours of improved decision making, we’ve realized that the Glide 1.0 Cycling Jersey isn’t the sexiest of cycling tops. Yes, we admit it now, because we do know better (or we are definitely improving with each attempt).

Our intention was to bring out an entry level kit that was affordable for our community. But as we explored and expanded, our focus shifted. We want our community to feel good, which means that they need to look good.

The moment we received our new Glide 1.0 Cycling Jersey, we were incredibly proud. We’d started a process that we couldn’t turn our backs on. The introduction of the new kit to the girls, at a little get together at a local Cycling Shop, was filled with excitement. There was a realization that we could now identify each other on a ride, we could be recognized by “outsiders” and we could feel fantastic knowing that we are part of something incredibly special.

Our first ride, as you can imagine, was more of a photoshoot than ride. Everyone kitted out their new Dirt Addict jersey, handle bar in the one hand, phone in the other, snapping away. It was a warm summers day, the air filled with giggling and instructions to pose like a badass, babe-boss. I don’t think anyone would forget it.

Now, with the launch of ladies and unisex options, a beautiful improvement of the design we will still honour our beginning. The Original Dirt Addict Glide 1.0 Cycling Jersey, made in 2020 (the year of chaos).

We look forward to looking back, at our framed Glide 1.0, mounted on the wall and showcasing the beginning of our Dirt Addict #DIRTtribe