Dirt Addict is an active community for women, built by women and supported by women with a focus on inspiring and encouraging women of all ages to live more actively through running and cycling – no matter the fitness level. The focus is to provide a safe space and pathway for growth, connectivity, guidance and laughter, whether a beginner and getting off the couch or a fitness enthusiast looking to progress. We are not fitness skills coaches. We are connectors who have created an environment where women can find inspiration, courage, strength and unity from one another. We are a tribe of amazing individuals and invite more women to celebrate life with us. Simply put, Dirt Addict is an active lifestyle community who encourages outdoor enthusiasts, with a specific focus on women, to be more active, to connect and to celebrate life.


Confidence is cultivated by knowing the core values that drive you, the experience you gain along your journey, the people who support you and of course, looking the part. When you look good, you feel good. We help by offering a range of activity gear that leaves you feeling part of something bigger, better and adventurous. Our Dirt Addict apparel is more than just clothing. It is the symbol for women power, happiness, inclusivity and strength. There is nothing better than seeing our Dirt Tribe being courageous in the Dirt Addict kit.